Men in Motion

Dale Moss

What does a former pro athlete do for a second act?
As it turns out, everything and then some
  • Video and photography by Happy Monday

"The moment you stop learning is the moment you stop growing as a person."

From an early age, Dale Moss knew he wanted to work in the entertainment industry. He also dreamed of playing pro sports - and had the talent to back it up. He made it all the way to the NFL, but after an injury forced him to think about life after athletics, his focus turned to some of his other passions.

Now living in New York City, he's building a second career around hosting, modeling and acting, establishing key business relationships along the way. It's been an interesting road for a kid from a small town in South Dakota.

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Hitting the gym, Dale goes for the WOODLEY HYBRID TRACKER TROUSER for versatility and athletic style. On top, he's got lots of options in the WEMBLEY REVERSIBLE HOODED PULLOVER.

"Where I grew up I was isolated and often singled out - but the one thing that always brought me success was taking the time to listen and connect with people," he says. That approach has proven effective as he expands his talents on both sides of the camera. When he isn't closing deals behind the scenes, Dale is pursuing creative direction and fashion design. "I love studying great designers and how their vision is brought to life. I appreciate how a creative director truly crafts the culture around a brand."

His choice of apparel comes down to form and function. "Life is about versatility. I'm never going to be stagnant and my clothing has to match my lifestyle. I study design and how things feel on me. As an athlete that was our form of expression, and now in entertainment it's our branding."

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Heading out for the day, Dale dresses up the WOODLEY HYBRID TRACKER TROUSER with the NEWPORT S/S POLO SWEATER for a casually elegant look that allows him freedom to move.

Although his playing days may be behind him, Dale trains constantly. "Once an athlete, always an athlete." And while networking is important in his field, he still makes time to read, write, and work on personal development. He credits family as an inspiration, and steps back periodically for humility and perspective. He's also a believer in rewarding oneself for accomplishing goals, and gaining confidence as a result.

So what's next for this multi-faceted individual? "In five years, I see myself as a prominent figure in the entertainment space while also directing and designing. This is my passion and I feel like when you have a great team, great quality, and the marketing and business savvy to go with it, you can have great success."

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Taking in a rooftop view of New York harbor, Dale is in our DAWLEY S/S FULL ZIP KNIT and the WARWICK SHORT, an effortless summer combination that will help keep you cool.
Where do you live, and do you like living there?

I live in the Financial District of New York City and I love it. I'm right by the water, I have access to everything, but I'm also away from the crowds when I want to be.

What's an example of a normal day for you?

I always say "Early & Often." No day is the same for me, but I can count on it starting early and often times being on the go. I love that though... the unknown portions of my day and adapting to change are exciting to me, and that definitely shows in my style and what I choose to wear.

Does your lifestyle require you to move around the city a lot?

Ha ha... yes, everywhere and anywhere! I have lots of opportunities and I'm very social, so I'm constantly running around. I love Battery Park City and DUMBO because they are both so beautiful, but my gym is in Chelsea and my management team is in Midtown. I Iove walking around the city to take it in. When I can't do that I prefer to take a car, just to see the fabric of the city and how all the neighborhoods connect.

What are your personal passions?

FOOD! I'm an avid foodie and want to eventually have my own restaurant. With that comes a love of travel because you experience culture at its best with a good meal.

How would you describe your personal style?

Clean, high end, and versatile. But as corny as it sounds, I've always said that confidence is the best accessory you can have. Own it!

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By switching colors in the WOODLEY HYBRID TRACKER TROUSER and pairing it with the KENDAL BLAZER, Dale creates a suit that shows off his business side while keeping the sporty elements that he's known for.
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