Men in Motion

Sean Biloski

  • Video by Happy Monday | Photography by George Elder

"Work must be fun, so life must be fun."

For a guy who describes himself as "a very basic dresser - black tee, jeans, leather jacket," Sean Biloski has a career and lifestyle that are anything but basic. As a principal designer at Iron Oaks in Brooklyn, he makes a living fabricating furniture and interiors for an impressive client list in New York City and beyond.

Known for high quality craftsmanship, Iron Oaks is a firm that clearly creates with love, passion, and pride. Looking around their new Greenpoint studio it's easy to see why Sean is so comfortable there - everything is in a state of motion; machines buzzing, people moving, projects being conceptualized and projects nearing completion.

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At work, Sean wears the cooling, comfortable NATIVE HOODED PULLOVER with a pair of jeans. Leaving the workshop for a meeting, he switches to the COPLEY BLAZER over a white EFM cotton modal V-neck tee.

Earlier in his career, Sean owned a restaurant in Bushwick, Brooklyn. His concept for construction was to build it only from materials that could be found on the street. Once that was accomplished, he came to the realization that "building, particularly with raw, recycled materials, is inevitably what I wanted to do long term."

This sensibility comes in part from his connection to nature, and his hobbies, which are focused around the outdoors. "When I travel it's for snowboarding, fishing, mountain biking, camping, and adventure."

His day to day drive, "designing and being creative, constantly reaching new levels - personally and professionally, always moving forward," comes both from a love of what he does for a living, as well as his business partners, who push him to achieve greater heights.

When it comes to clothing, Sean needs flexibility and pieces that are ready for the day, whether he's working or taking a meeting. With EFM he has found improved functionality, design, and comfort while staying true to his style.

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When he's out on his bike (or in this case, a Citibike,) Sean chooses the cotton modal VOYAGER CREWNECK for its comfort and cooling properties. The HOLBROOK TROUSER is perfect for cycling. It's lightweight and has an adjustable hem drawcord.
Where do you live, and do you like living there?

I live in Long Island City, Queens. I like being close to the shop and close to the water. One of my business partners is also my neighbor, so that is a plus.

What does a typical day in your life start with?

I'm an early riser and am usually up by 6:30. I actually watch a sketch comedy skit right after I wake up... I like to start the day with a laugh. That's followed by about 10 minutes worth of coffee and a decent breakfast, and then I bike over to the shop around 8:00 a.m.

Do you move around the city during the day, or do you mostly stay in the studio?

I do move around, for meetings. I spend a lot of time in Queens and Brooklyn, and of course Manhattan, where most of my clients are based.

What is your preferred method of getting around?

I love to bike. You happened to catch me on a day where my bike had a flat, so today it's a Citibike.

What inspires you?

I need to leave NYC a lot to clear my head. I enjoy spending my weekends in the forest. That's where I get most of my inspiration.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Multiple locations, designing full building interiors - from bathrooms and kitchens, to all of the furniture - the whole kit and caboodle.

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A classic look, updated for the modern man: Our GATTON VEGAN SHEARLING JACKET over a white tee is the pinnacle of cool. The HOLBROOK TROUSER is something you can wear all day, from being out on your bike to drinks after work.