The Future of Menswear

Unlike athleisure, what we have termed Advanced Luxury is a new approach to the modern wardrobe. We begin with a tailor’s sensibility and use fabric and manufacturing technology to produce garments that move, stretch and breathe in remarkable ways.

This is a new vision of menswear - elegant and luxurious, but also engineered with hi-tech fabrics, creative details and a refined sensibility that incorporates an active, urban lifestyle into the traditional luxury sphere.

Because we create many of our own proprietary fabrics and work with one of the most innovative apparel labs in the world, EFM is able to produce a high-end men’s collection with advantages for comfort, weather protection, travel and athletics.

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Applied Technology

Cutting Edge Manufacturing

We pair design innovation with advanced manufacturing techniques, continuously developing new materials and methods of construction that differentiate the brand from all others in the marketplace.

Laser cutting offers architectural precision and refined edge detailing; ultrasonic welding reinforces garment strength while reducing bulk; complex garment dyeing creates a soft, luxurious character to allow extremely modern pieces to feel soft and lived in.

Our fabrics are created and sourced for ease of movement, packability and comfort. Hard shell membranes, water resistant cotton nylon, stretch 3 layer fabrics and futuristic mesh are just examples of the performance and breathability that goes into every EFM garment.

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Innovative Features

Purposeful Details

Every detail of an EFM garment is carefully considered, from the inside out. Often, the small touches you grow to appreciate most are not visible at first glance.

We have developed functional features that accommodate daily tech life such as our interior device pockets with magnetic closure and touch screen capability, or our smart phone pockets hidden within the waistbands of trousers.

Many of our outerwear pieces feature snap-off or stowaway hoods, reverse entry pockets for waterproofness, or belted interiors for more control over fit.

There are also refined design details such as luxurious stretch knit trims at cuff or waist, or signature cuff notches and lapels that are cut very specifically to allow the garments to drape perfectly and keep clean lines at the wrist or chest.

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Active Intelligence

Travel, Packability and Athletics

Our collections are built around the idea of motion, and how to create sophisticated, architectural garments that move the way a modern man needs to.

Sometimes that takes on a very literal form, as in our tracker trousers or stretch blazers that can accommodate a wide range of activity.

In other ways, we consider movement in a larger sense, and use intelligent manufacturing to reduce volume for packability. EFM is designed to fold down to a very small footprint in your luggage, and the fabrics we choose can be pulled out of your travel case and worn immediately without pressing and ironing.

Whether it is an active day in the city or a long flight, the garments are comfortable, stylish, and represent a new kind of luxury.