Donrad Duncan

The Principal Designer of EFM, Donrad Duncan, has quietly become one of the most influential sportswear designers in men’s apparel. Over the last twenty years he has created concepts and brands that have changed the menswear industry.

Born in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica into a family of artisans, tailors, and craftsmen, Duncan grew up influenced by the “maker’s sensibility” - a respect for fundamental principles, which would go on to inform his creativity and design ingenuity for decades to come. After spending the early years of his fashion career fine tuning technical skills at some of the largest brands in the world, Duncan solidified his own design vision and is now regarded for his innovations in fabrics, hardware and silhouettes.

His creative reworking of post-war outerwear - enhancing classics like the field jacket, the car coat, the parka, and the blazer - solidified his reputation as a true visionary in apparel design. As the only designer to ever be granted access to legendary garment and fabric engineer Massimo Osti’s archives, Duncan’s philosophies are at the forefront of a new, urban apparel concept that focuses on high tech fabrics, creative details and the body in motion. In 2016, he was awarded the Rising Star Award for Menswear by Fashion Group International.